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December 24, 2008



How close to Rockerfeller Center does the Connors family live?

Ivan Wolfe

How long is it before Spidey's webbing dissolves? I hope the Connors look out their window soon! (Or that the window doesn't frost over).

John Trumbull

Isn't this the same issue where Harry Osborn & Liz Allan get engaged?


Merry Christmas Mark and thanks for a very entertaining blog!

ShadowWing Tronix

It's about time somebody remembers Scrooge reforms at the end of that story.


A Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Pat Curley

Nice sentiments. This is from the Len Wein/Andru & Esposito era of Spidey, the era where I finally stopped buying issues. Wein was a good writer at DC but he just didn't seem to "get" Spiderman, and his stories could have just have easily been Batman stories.

Hope you and yours had a great Christmas, Mark, and look forward to more Comic Coverage next year!

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