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December 06, 2008


Alexandra Kitty

Love Captain Marvel of yore -- it's always a sweet pleasure to read -- and no "dark" Mary Marvel to tick you off...

Mark Engblom

Amen. Plus, Captain Marvel just works in a Christmas-themed story like no other superhero ever has. Is it the kid alter-ego? Is it the magic and mythic underpinnings of the character? Is it his big red suit? Whatever the reason, a Christmas Cap story is always a treat.

Pat Curley

I don't know why, but it has always seemed to me that a disproportionate percentage of the Christmas stories end up being absolute classics. All the Batman and Superman Christmas stories of the 1940s, the Christmas Spirit stories, the Silent Night of the Batman, etc., are all way above the mean.

Maybe it's because we don't mind the sentimentality (some would call it schmaltz) when it's associated with the holiday season? There's one particular scene in a Batman story where Bruce and Dick are out shopping and they encounter a young lad who looks as if Christmas is going to pass him by. So they load him up with Christmas gifts and give him some money for his mother's medicine. I first read the scene when I was a pretty callous teenager, and suddenly I had something in my eye. It's absolutely the finest bit of characterization for Bruce and Dick that I've ever seen.

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