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December 19, 2008


Dr. Retro

Hilarious! I think I laughed even harder and louder this year than last year. You have a great sense of humor.

Z Ryan

I think my mom has a #7. I believe I broke it was a kid and it had to be glued back together.

#10 seems to be wearing a Japanese Kabuki mask or something. Terrifyingly unnecessary!



I just can't stop laughing!!! These are freakin' HILARIOUS!!!!! I mean, the pics are good enough, but the commentary is PRICELESS!!

Thanks again, Mark!! (No thanks for making me ruin yet another keyboard with spit-up coffee, but thanks for the gut-busting laughs!!


Hahahahahahaha! This is one of the best blogs ever! Dr. Doom is pure evil.


That #5 continues to kill me ... LOL!!!

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