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December 22, 2008



Although I don't have that issue either, I have read the Superboy and the Legion story (which was reprinted in 1988's "Christmas With the Super-Heroes #1"), and I can confirm they were, in fact, looking for the star of Bethlehem. Not for Big J himself, but for the star.


Excellent. There should be full-scale recreations of this every year.

I thought I had read this one, but I was thinking of the Legion story too. And why there isn't a Wildfire (or Dawnstar) figure, I have no idea.

Mark Engblom

"Excellent. There should be full-scale recreations of this every year."

Maybe those children's Christmas programs at churches can now begin including kids dressed in Batman, Saturn Girl, and Jonah Hex costumes to stand around the manger.

"And why there isn't a Wildfire (or Dawnstar) figure, I have no idea."

Well, there are Wildfire figures, but with his more modern costumes. This was the only image I could find of the classic 1970's version.


i always loved these grab bag/anthology specials. This issue and 5-star Hero Spectacular are two of my favorites.

this issue was also notable for Frank Miller's first Batman tale...

Comic Coverage

Yeah, which is why it's surprisingly expensive to buy from certain sellers.

The Groovy Agent

Check out the Diversions tomorrow (or after your long winter's nap), Mark, if you wanna read the whole issue. Just Ol' Groove's way of saying Merry Christmas!

John Trumbull

I'm pretty sure the witch was another host of one of DC's horror anthology books.


That would have been quite a scene!

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