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November 08, 2008


John Trumbull

I watched this show as a kid, mainly for the Captain Marvel segements. The Hero High kids (who Cap occasionally teamed up with) were basically the Archies in superhero drag. The live action segments cosisted of the heroes playing songs & telling lame jokes. Overall, the characters were pretty typical of the kind of silliness you get when TV execs create their own superheroes.

I remember the lead Hero High guy was Captain California, a barefooted surfer superhero (!) who had a blindingly bright smile called a "mega-gleem". There was also a magician-type girl (named Dirty Trixie?), a heavyset hero called Weatherman, a punk rock hero and a Reggie-type named "Rex Ruthless". Even at age 9, I couldn't understand what a guy with a name like THAT was doing at a superhero school.

Mark Engblom

Yeesh! Judging from your description of Hero High, maybe it's a good thing I completely missed this show.

This got me thinking: if it were today, we'd have heard about the SHAZAM cartoon months (or even a year) ahead of time via the internet comic book news/fan sites/blogs. Back in '81, outside of a few industry mags (like Amazing Heroes) or comic book house ads, there was really no way of knowing about this kind of stuff in advance. Still, it's pretty strange that I never heard of the show until I stumbled across it yesterday.


Dude, I totally watched this cartoon as a kid.

You'd think people would know by now never to drive green cars around super-types.


Also, between the resurrection of Black Adam's queen in a quasi-Isis costume, Sobek, and the seduction of Mary Marvel, it's interesting how this single cartoon pretty much sums up the last few years of Black Adam's story.

Also also, why they gotta call the guy from Africa "BLACK Adam"?


I showed another episode of this show to my five-year-old daughter a few months ago and she enjoyed it. I remember this show distinctly. I always thought it odd that the same studio that created the live action show would follow up with an animated version so soon after.

Ivan Wolfe

I remember watching that show as a kid. I mostly recall the episode where Shazam and Hero High teamed up. Yes, there was an enemy so powerful, Captain Marvel needed the help of a bunch of high school kids! (Of course, since Billy Batson was still in Jr. High, it's likely he needed the wisdom and guidance of his elders or something).


Ah Filmation. Their ability to do such goofy yet charming work on the cheap was nothing short of legendary.

By the way, Black Adam was voiced by executive producer Lou Scheimer (yet another cost-cutting measure).

ShadowWing Tronix

I'm lucky enough to have seen both shows as a kid. While I remembered this show and Hero High existed, I didn't remember much about it until another blog had an article about it. The only Hero High segments I could find was some live action skit scenes that were extras on some DVD. (Probably another country's, since I don't recall hearing about a US release.) I did remember the tiger character, but for some reason I thought he was the uncle.

Mr Element-Dr Alchemy

Holy Moly, I have all of them on VHS - I even have a Tawky Tawny cel from the series...SHAZAM


Uh, is it just me or did the Family Marvel trick Black Adam into killing himself at the end?


Interesting that in the opening spiel Mary is doing domestic duties and uses her powers to shift a chair to make the vacuuming easier.

I know, it was the times etc., it just looks odd these days.

I don't remember this cartoon - maybe I was watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids get those bad guys (to take a fall).

Thanks for the good youtube

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i use to just love this show. i will be watching again.


I loved this show when I was a kid. This and the Superfriends were what Saturday was all aboit. The Marvel Family is still my favorite hero group. Junior/Freddy Freeman is still one of my favorites. I wish tjey still made heroes like the Marvels. The Marvel Family rules.


Are there 12 or 13 episodes of the Shazam cartoon... I thought 13 but wiki says one is really a hero high toon. Is "Girl Of My Dreams" a Shazam cartoon? I need to know so I know if I have to look for it or not. Youtube has all but that one it seems. Any help is appreciated.

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