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November 13, 2008



Another problem is that the red-and-yellow clad Flash gets almost completely lost against the Lord of Time's red shirt.

I was actually thinking at first "Huh, I know it was the time of Batmania, but a JLA cover with Batman as the *only* League member besides Green Arrow on it?" I literally didn't spot the Flash until giving the cover a closer look.

Batman's awkward pose is interesting - looks like it's roughly equivalent to those awkward poses you see with a lot of female characters today, giving them a gratuitous "butt shot" at the same time they're looking toward the reader in an anatomically-impossible way. (Here, it seems the goal is to make absolutely sure Batman's chest symbol is unobscured.)

Mike Sekowsky seems to have taken an approach sort of like Chester Gould on Dick Tracy - "good guy" characters are usually attractively-drawn, but evil characters are given wildly expressive (and ugly) mugs. I actually kinda like that approach, though I think it works better on more "realistic" features like Jet Dream than with superheroes. (Easier to think of them as just ugly guys than hideous mutants or something, I suppose.)

Johnny Bacardi

Slam Sekowsky if you must; personally, the things that bug you about this cover (well, except that pea green background- it's awful) don't bother me all that much and are pretty much the norm for his idiosyncratic style. Lots of other people have taken their shots in similar fashion. But you could at least spell his name right; it's Sekowsky with a "y" at the end, not an "i".

Brian Disco Snell

I was never a fan of that style of the logo, seperate colors for each word. Creates a situation where it's almost impossible to find a background that it doesn't clash with!

Mark Engblom


Though not a fan of Sekowsky's work at all, this cover (to me) seems several steps below what I'm used to seeing from him. At the very least, the guy usually pumped out clear (if dull) layouts that didn't have near the number of artistic "no no's" this cover has (multiple tangents, screwy perspective, poor use of the page, etc).

I'm sure that the "other people" you cite also had some valid reasons for not liking the guy's stuff. It's nothing personal...I just don't like it...and I like it even less here.

Thanks for the correction on the name. I had spelled it right in my tags section, but blew it with the "i" spelling. Again, nothing personal intended.

Pat Curley

Sekowsky must have been dependable, because his art was wretched. I've always felt that he single-handedly destroyed Supergirl when he took over the art chores on that feature a few issues into her Adventure Comics-starring run. In that series, Adventure #397 stands out as probably the worst cover, although there's quite a bit of competition.

Sekowsky seemed to specialize in these covers showing a multitude of JLA'ers attacking one oversized villain; see #15, #18, #20, #36, #37, #40, #41, #47, and #49 for other examples.

Wes C

Yeah, bad cover, really awkward poses. What is up with the Lord of Times face?

I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I've always had a fondness for Sekowsky's artwork. I can't quite put my finger on it, it has a cleanliness and slightly airy quality that appeals to me.
I've not seen tons and tons of his work, but I usually end up thinking "hmm, it doesn't seem that bad to me"

I think it looks esp. good in the Justice League Showcase reprints.

It may sound like heresy, but I prefer Sekowsky to Curt Swan any day. Not to get too personal or anything ;)

Like I said, I'm in the minority on this one.

BTW: Worst Cover Ever is my favorite feature of your site.


Love the look on the Lord of Time's face. He seems to be staring at Batman's boot and saying, "Ohh! Yummy!"

And, in this case, he's apparently been taken over by some other force: as his mechanical, weirdly disassociated arms seem to be firing his guns at random.


coming at this one month later -- has no one mentioned the fact that Batman is either 30 feet tall, or Green Arrow has borrowed the Atom's belt? It sure looks to me as if Bats is between GA and LoT, but their proportions only make sense if he's much CLOSER to the reader than GA is.

Comic Coverage

Good catch, brainy! GA does indeed look tiny with Batman's "swoosh" lines to the right of him. (sigh)

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