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November 10, 2008


Pat Curley

This is where we save your bacon by mentioning a couple of robots that you hadn't put into your mix, right? ;)

Of course, I assume you have the two DC Robotman characters covered already--the Star Spangled/Detective run and the Doom Patrol hero. So what can I come up with? The Jor-El robot from Adventure #240? Or how about the robot that chased Spiderman in ASM #25? And of course there's the Smash Comics Robby, and Metallo (in his various versions)...

Mark Engblom


Oh, I'm aware of all those robots....but they didn't make my cut. At its core, my list boils down to simple aesthetics...which gives them an edge over the worthy candidates you mentioned. Like I said, my list isn't so much the most high profile or historically significant robots, but just the ones that I personally enjoy the most. Thanks for noting the other robots, though...each of them cool in their own way.


(Don't forget Sentient Iron Man ...!!) ;-)

ShadowWing Tronix

I'd better see some Transformers in the top five, or I won't send you the next Billy Batson translation. Ok, actually I will, but I'll maybe possibly consider not sending it if I remember to...or not.

Mark Engblom

Well...there's sort of a Transformer in the next batch...but probably not the kind you're hoping for. Hopefully that'll be enough to earn the next Billy Batson translation (which is always appreciated)!

Wes C

I'm hoping the Super Adaptoid and maybe Amazo are in the top 5.

You did say you liked the "power absorbtion" kinda thing didn't you?
Am I getting my blogs mixed up?

Mark Engblom

No, you've got the blogs right. I'm a HUGE fan of the power-absorbing villains....so huge of a fan, in fact, that they will be getting their own spotlight someday soon. As such, I didn't include any of them in my Top 10 robots (though Super Adaptoid was *this close*).

Heinz Adler

I love Metal Men :-) It's called Metall-Menschen in German. It's a bad translation...

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