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November 23, 2008



I have a theory I call "Didioism"
It's doing whatever is opposite of common sense.

Common Sense = "We're planning on doing a cartoon that focuses on teenage heroes being lighthearted and fun, let's use Young Justice, who already have a comic similar in tone"

Didioism = "No, we shall base the cartoon on the classic Teen Titans lineup, cancel YJ and do a new TT book, only it won't be fun, it'll fill everyone with angst"

Common Sense- "The Question was just on the JLU cartoon and has gained a massive upswing in popularity. How about doing a mini-series or series with The Question to capitalize?"

Didioism = "No, we'll kill him off and replace him with a lesbian cop who teams up with lesbian Batwoman. And we won't give either one a title!"

Common Sense= "The New Batman cartoon features the new Blue Beetle the first episode. It may give the series a boost in sells"

Didioism- "Let's cancel the title a week before the toon airs!"

and that's just the media related stuff, not even getting into stuff like Countdown as a whole.

Bruce not being Batman and Superman not being in any of his comics were both done not long ago (Death of Supes, post Knghtfall Bats)

It's not new, it's not exciting, it's just a retread, a retread that will probably just bring in new characters they will kill off the next big crossover where they bring back some other older character.


I share your ambivalence, particularly about Superman in Action Comics.

Even when they did the "Action Comics Weekly" anthology format, they made sure Superman was *in* the book (with a fairly clever two-page "Sunday Comics Page" style feature.)


Oh, and wrt DiDio... I'm not sure what to make of the guy. I'm sure his job is a lot tougher than we armchair grumblers on the series of tubes think, and he generally seems like a pretty thoughtful guy in interviews, but he makes some pretty strange decisions.

He seems indecisive - or worse, quick to make decisions, and equally quick to make some new contradictory decision a couple months later. Like on the Supergirl title, which has had 159 "new, regular, ongoing creative teams" over the past 24 issues (I know, seems like an impossibility, but DC can transcend the laws of space-time for this sort of thing.)

Brian Disco Snell

I'll reserve judgement until a) I see who the new characters are, and b) who's writing and drawing. There's a slim chance that something really cool could result...

Mark Engblom

Yeah, Didio does have kind of a "bizarro" editorial instinct, along with a note of "flying by the seat of his pants" improvisational hype-casting. From his many summer convention appearances, there's a sense that he says far too much (to the groans of mortified panel pros whose surprises are blown) and, in some cases, says stuff that simply isn't true. A good example of the latter is his promises at the beginning of Final Crisis that they wouldn't be overdoing it with tie-ins...but as we've seen, they've had just as many (if not more) tie-ins than they did with the previous mega-events.

Add all of that to the steady stream of behind-the-scenes chaos and weirdness, and you've got yourself quite a scattershot operation, operating more on impulse than careful planning and execution.

Like Snell, I will definitely give the new team and new characters a shot before I pass judgement....but at the same time, I'm very wary of what I'll call the impulsive hucksterism that's characterized the Didio run so far...and disappointed that Superman will be removed from Action Comics. It's a symbolic "dethroning" that I don't think Didio fully comprehends.

ShadowWing Tronix

I stopped collecting anything from DCU Proper a long time ago. I don't have a problem with the stories themselves as much as I do the timing. With a new Batman cartoon out and "The Dark Knight" so sucessful, is it really the right time to update the status quo?

As for the Superman in space story, I'm thinking "Superman Returns" flashback will follow, and what's going to happen to his marriage? Another Spider-Marriage "resolution"?

Mark Engblom

Assuming the original "Exile in Space" is still in continuity, it's hard to imagine another reason Superman would willingly leave Earth again for an extended amount of time. I'm guessing the resolution to "New Krypton" will really shake up the status quo...but still...it's unclear at this point what would drive Supes from his adopted planet.

And, for that matter, Action Comics!


Hmm, maybe the resolution of New Krypton means the Kryptonians have to leave Earth for whatever reason, and the story might be a quest to find a new home for Kandor. That might be a worthy "job for Superman" justifying his temporary absence.

John Trumbull

Not finding much to get excited about here. Superman not interacting with his Earthbound supporting cast for months on end doesn't strike me as especially interesting.

Ditto with Bruce Wayne not being Batman. We all know that Bruce Wayne will eventually be Batman again (hard to deny 70 years of history), so stories where someone else is Batman seem thoroughly pointless to me. Just tell good stories with Bruce Wayne, folks.

Mark Engblom

"Superman not interacting with his Earthbound supporting cast for months on end doesn't strike me as especially interesting."

Well, and it's not even clear that the new direction for Action will include Superman's supporting cast. Logic suggests they would, but as most of us know, logic and DC Comics aren't on the best of terms these days.

I guess I can take some small consolation in the fact that Superman wasn't booted from Action during his 70th year of publication.

Brushwood Thicket Farmer

Sounds like James Robinson will be doing a "Superman In Space" epic similar to Starman. i guess that means Geoff Johns will being some Superman Family solo stories in Action. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some GJ Jimmy Olsen stories.


I'm curious. This isn't necessarily a commentary on this development, but does anyone foresee a time where DC would think it was okay to cancel Action?

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