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November 06, 2008


John Nowak

Maybe he used gyroscopes?

But yeah, I can understand why he switched to the glider...

Mark Engblom

Gyroscopes....and plenty of comic book magic to boot!

Not that the bat glider was much better when it came to any discernable way of steering it outside of his body weight applied to each "wing".

But man it looked cool!

De Baisch

It's an Electrolux!


your humble beginnings font looks exactly like a bumper sticker I had for a punk or rock band of the same name in the late 90s. Chicken or the egg or just chance? And if intentional why did one use the other's font/style (it's pretty distinctive)?

John Nowak

Steering the bat glider with body language actually strikes me as being pretty reasonable; think of a hang glider.

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