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November 01, 2008


Pat Curley

Thanks for keeping on this topic, Mark. One of the things that has dismayed me about the last 20+ years of Batman has been the degeneration of the character from a guy who had strong motivation to an obsessed psycho, but at least (mostly) Superman retained his Boy Scout qualities. One of the reasons I stick with the Silver Age is that at least back then, heroes were heroic.

The real problem with Superman Returns wasn't that the hero was too good; it's that the story sucked eggs.

Ivan Wolfe

I had a conversation with a friend recently. He said that the success of "Dark Knight" relative to "Superman Returns" proves that our culture prefers darker heroes.

I said that while our culture may prefer darker heroes, his evidence stunk, as the reason DK did better than SR is because SR was not a very good movie (Superman as a stalker. Heavy handed Christ imagery. Lex Luthor's bizarre plan that makes no sense. etc.)

Having Superman "go dark" is silly. I know! He can split into a good Clark Kent and a bad Superman and they can fight in a junk yard! That'll be cool!


I just wish Routh had some clout to make the execs see logic. Course, his neck wouldn't be directly on the line if the movie tanked, so I doubt he'd ever be able to convince them of anything.


The only thing that needs to be darker in a Superman movie, is the villains... And by villains, I mean other than just Lex Luthor and Zod (& co.)... Yes, have Lex in the next movie... But he doesn't need to be the ONLY villain... This, honestly, is the only thing that should be darker when they make the next one. Trying to make a new Krypton or own tons of real estate was fine for back when the movies were first made, but I think Lex needs a new motive..


I loved Superman Returns, and what I loved about it was that, for whatever darkness in the story, it was ultimately about the affirmation of commuity-- for me the final point was not that we need a hero to rescue us (be he from Krypton or Gotham) but that WE are all heroes. Superman saves us, and we save him, and in that bond of mutuality, we find our own inner heroes. Hokey? Perhaps, but refreshingly optimistic in these times, and one of the wonderful things that superhero stories can teach us.

De Baisch

I have to agree with Brian here. Superman's greatest power isn't the ability to lift mountains or fly supersonic, it's inspiring others to do good. I guess you can put me in the hokey category too.

Mark Engblom

Although my own feelings toward the movie have dimmed a bit from when I first saw it in the theatre, I still don't understand the crazy negatives Superman Returns continues to generate from some quarters. Lots of missed opportunities and indulgent elements on Singer's part (mainly revolving around the use of Luthor), but so much more to cheer about. Routh did a good job and I wouldn't mind seeing him reprise the role if he's given the chance.

That said, they've GOTTA pump up the action for the next Superman movie....whomever they tap to play the title role.


Yeah. I never got the negatives, either. Actually enjoyed the complexity and emotion of SR.

Course, I never understood why so many people loved The Dark Knight, either.


You know a while back there was a Gen13 and Superman crossover comic which explained why Superman was more than just the sum of his powers. I wish they could convey the spirit of that in a movie form.

Thing is, the execs would have to be capable of getting the concept before that could happen. :(

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