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November 30, 2008



This is no lie -- in the year of the Bicentennial, I had red, white and blue star spangled bell bottom jeans!


LOL! I did a post on this ad back in January. Looks like we are of like mind on this one, Mark! :-)

BTW, Col. Steve Austin also made use of denim with his "Special Mission Outfit!"

ShadowWing Tronix

Was there nothing the Lee family could do with jeans wear?

Comic Coverage

Woah! Sorry, Hube! I never purposely repeat stuff others have done. I guess it's inevitable considering the number of comic blogs and the sheer lunacy of some of these ads.

Z Ryan

Jean jackets... uggghh. I was a kid in the 90's and remember jean jackets combined with backwards hats were cool even then.

I particularly remember the 1992 documentary "The War Room" about the Bill Clinton campaign... James Carville wearing a jean jacket and backwards cap. James Carville was not a young man in 1992...


No worries, Mark! As you said, it's inevitable -- especially since our tastes in comics and minutiae is so similar!

Pat Curley

True story. When I was 8 years old a couple friends of mine and I were in the woods and one of them revealed that he had a pack of firecrackers in his pocket. We wanted to light them off, but nobody had the nerve to light a fuse because we'd all been scolded not to play with fireworks.

So I got this brilliant idea. How about if we put a little pile of leaves together with the firecrackers in the middle, and then we light the pile of leaves....

Oh, man when those firecrackers started to go off, there were burning clumps of leaves flying everywhere. I ran out to the schoolgrounds where a couple of the older kids were playing ball and they helped us put it out, a couple of them using their sweatshirts the way the guys did in that ad.

Mark Engblom


Gotta love those kid decision-making skills! I recall doing stuff similarly stupid...like dousing the ground with gas, lighting it, then slapping it out with....you guessed it...our jean jackets. We rationalized it as "practicing" for the real thing...but we were just jerky little firebugs (like most boys are). And, no....none of the grass fires we "helped" put out were started by us (thank God)!

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