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October 08, 2008



Yeah, that cover would've certainly grabbed my attention!

This cover had a similar effect on me a few years later:

Stan the Man

Nice one, oh Comic Coverager! That cover was lettered by the great Gaspar Saladino, who was lettering most of our covers and splash pages at the time. Plus some nice pencils by Gil "Sugar Lips" Kane and inks by "Jazzy" John Romita... not to mention some nice art direction from Yours Truly! Ah, those were the days...


Mark Engblom


YEAH! That all-monster issue cover is fantastic (wish I could say the same about the story, though).


I looked on the Grand Comic Database, and they credit the cover pencils to Ed Hannigan...though I would have said it was Gil Kane as well. I wonder who's right?

Stan the Man

Given my memory-impaired medulla oblongata, I'm sure that the GCD is correct. Ed's early cover work looked a lot like Gil's, in part because Glamorous Gil was doing cover layout sketches for us at the time (and had done the majority of MTU covers up through #36). Ah well, at least there's no mistaking Gaspar's lettering...



Wasn't Man-Wolf's first appearance in the issues following the Death of Gwen Stacey? I always like that trio of issues-- the first introducing Luke Cage, the next two offering us Man-Wolf-- three takes on what it means to be a hero in terms of sacrifice. Such a nice coda to those heart-wrenching Stacey issues (and if my comics memory is working, the final Man-Wolf issue has a sad little image of Peter walking home in the rain that just pulls everything together in one iconic panel).

Nice post, Mark.

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Brian. Yeah, Man-Wolf first appeared in the aftermath of Gwen's death...the kind of thing you can scarcely imagine happening in today's decompressed brand of storytelling.


This is a good time to mention those great Marvel horror comics of the 70s, and I don't mean because of Halloween. Marvel has been publishing quite a few collections of those horror stories over the past year, with more coming out this month. Check Marvel's catalog on their Web site for details.

I just picked up Marvel's Essential Godzilla at my local comic shop. They had a few copies marked down from 20 bucks to 4. Can't beat that!

ShadowWing Tronix

Worth every penny at full price, philly. Events are still mentioned in the Marvel Universe, from Dugan's SHIELD activities against the big G to Red Ronin's guest appearance in the MegaMorphs miniseries.

Of course, I'm also a Godzilla fan. :)

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