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October 22, 2008



Hey great website...I love the old stuff you are covering here that is great! Likewise, I saw you had a link to Mike Kunkel's work. We at Crab Orchard Comics have been on a "Kunkel Kick" for a while. Feel free to log on there - read or leave comments if you like. Yours is a great website.

Wes C

I couldn't agree more with you about Dr. Fate.
He's a visually stunning character. He looks menacing and otherworldly, all while being dressed head to toe in blue and yellow!

I don't usually go in for collectible replicas, but the solicited images I saw of Dr. Fates golden helm made me instantly say "I have to have that!". I don't think they ever released it though. :(

Of course he looked pretty dorky wearing that half mask version.

As far as the Puppet Master goes: Man, Alicia's mom must have been really desperate and lonely, to end up marrying a guy like that.

Mark Engblom

"...all while being dressed head to toe in blue and yellow!"

Good point...not exactly the most powerful combination of colors...but for Fate it worked.

And yeah...that half-mask thing was an insanely stupid move. I briefly covered that in my Superhero Fashion Disasters post from June of '07.


It's amazing how... ordinary Dr. Fate looks in the half-helmet.

I love Colan's interpretation of Dracula. IMO, he's both suave *and* forceful in varying degrees, but always dangerous-looking.

I'm not sure why so many subsequent Marvel Dracula portrayals have strayed so far from Colan's model. Perhaps it's just difficult to draw Colan's Dracula well in other styles? Like that full-bearded version that popped up in several '80s titles... just looks "off" to me, and I keep thinking it's some other guy pretending to be Dracula when I see those interpretations.

(The Dracula in last week's "Monster Hulk" special illustrated text story is very Colanesque, which pleased me.)


That Puppet Master image is a guaranteed nightmare-generator.


I never really thought of it before, but looking at the image of the Puppet Master you've posted, it suggests that Kirby's design may have influenced the look of "V" in V FOR VENDETTA, which maybe makes the whole "puppet strings" thing allegorically fascinating.


Nah, I'm pretty sure V's mask is based on centuries-old images of Guy Fawkes that are well known and instantly recognizable to Englishmen (but not so much to the rest of us.)

Ralph C.

Gene Colan's the use of blacks in his art was incredible, which makes him a natural for Dracula and probably any other film-noir type comic or illustration. Tom Palmer was a very good inker for his work. If you've ever seen Colon's penciled art without the inks.... astonishingly beautiful.


The Colan/Palmer team was exceptional on any book they worked on--but TOD is truly a stand-out series for them. It was magnificent.

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