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October 07, 2008


Mark Engblom

Oops! When deleting a spam message, I accidentally deleted a comment from "MW". Sorry about that! Anyway, here's MW's question:

"Did you consider using title "Bring on the Bizarro Bad Guys" in homage to the classic Marvel trade paperback?"

Not for this feature, but I have done an homage to that famous title with a recurring Cover to Cover feature. "Bring on the (Really Bad) Bad Guys" is my continuing series of posts that feature some of the worst supervillains ever created. In fact, part four will be coming up some time next week!

Wes C

Please, please, please let there be some A.I.M guys on the ballot! It's a long shot, I know, but a guy can dream!


Though I can see he isn't as popular, probably because we can't see the rest of him, I felt it necessary to vote #3 -- moaning doom. The best part here is that there is just hair where there should be a mouth. Truly horrifying!


I actually think #2 looks kinda neat. I think one key to making a Doom costume work is making the epaulette-thingies real, or at least vaguely realistic. When they're obviously just painted cardboard, that's somehow even worse for me than the ostensibly more important *mask* being obviously just painted cardboard.

Ivan Wolfe

It's clearly a cropped picture, but the background in #2 makes me think the guy is at a Renaissance Faire or something.

Mark Engblom

Actually, #2 is walking down a city street with a bunch of other costumed folks. In fact, the guy in the yellow and green next to "Doom" is a pretty goofy-looking version of The Vision.

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