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October 21, 2008



If I'm not mistaken, the first one is supposed to be Professor Chaos, the alter-ego of Butters from South Park, not Magneto.


Forgive me if this is a double post. It didn't appear to come up the first time.
The first guy is supposed to be Professor Chaos, the alter-ego of Butters, from South Park, not Magneto.

Mark Engblom

Well, the photo site I nabbed it from identified the costume as "Magneto", so Magneto it stays. Future voters can take that factor into consideration.


Wow, this is a particularly good group. And by good I mean terrible.

Ivan Wolfe

That first one looks nothing like Magneto.

#2 looks like a RenFaire reject.

#3 looks like he's trying to hypnotize someone

#4 - eh, the girl is kinda good looking.

Since a bizarro should at least look something like the original, and bizarro should never get the babes, I'll go with #2.

Pat Curley

The girl is "kinda" good-looking? Tough judges you have here, Mark! I think #4 is the best costume, #1 or #3 the lamest.

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