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October 16, 2008


ShadowWing Tronix

It's like Galactus #1 is using Marge Simpson's hairstylist while getting fashion tips from the Unknown Comic (of classic Gong Show fame). For the record, number 3 is my favorite.


You know, while the first Galactus is bad, it does foster in me the awe and fear that I think Galactus should inspire.

That's why I think #4 is by far the worst. Not only is it bad, but who could be terrified by that? He looks like a Barbie accesssory.

Ivan Wolfe

#3 actually looks sorta like Galactus. The others are clearly distorted caricatures. So #3 doesn't look to Bizarro to me. I went for #2.

De Baisch

#1 is my favorite. The plaid shirt is nice and goofy.


In my humble opinion, the key is remembering that Bizarros are "imperfect duplicates" by definition. #1 is certainly imperfect, but isn't trying hard enough, I think, and isn't sufficiently close on the "duplicate" part. #3, as Ivan says, actually is pretty close to looking like Galactus, so isn't "imperfect" enough. Thus, for me, it was between 2 and 4, with 2 winning out... mostly for his cheerfulness, I think.


This is hard. #1 is clearly the one I want to party with most, but #4 is the worst costume I've ever seen!

jet jagga

#3 is actually pretty cool,it's spongelactus.


#1 is clearly the worst Tim Ryan of all time.

Brandon McMahan

Number one is ME! The costume started out bad, but what you see in the picture is after a couple of nights of partying in it. The helmet got smashed up when we were thrown off stage during a band's performance by security. They pulled my feet out from under me by the ankles, and I landed right on my head. (I'm not kidding) At least the first night the helmet wasn't as banged up, and I did have on a purple shirt, at least. Thanks for your votes!


I know that #1 Galactus haha you can't see them in the picture, but he also had spray-painted pink converse all-stars and shorts to go with the helmet and dishwashing gloves.

Oh and the guy beside his right arm was Dr.Doom....
There's also a real good electro I saw hanging out with those guys, and by real good I mean completely terrible.

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