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October 15, 2008



But as a lifetime resident of the Washington area, I'm always thankful for the fact that virtually all superpowered crime takes place within a 2-3 mile radius of the Washington Monument, an area mostly populated by tourists and a small subset of government officials!


Like Sue, I'm also a resident of the DC area.

You picked a good time to visit, Mark. Not as many tourists in October. If you'd like to grab a beer, shoot me an email.

Mark Engblom

LOL! Thanks for the offer, De...but I think I'll have to pass. After all, I have to be completely sober and alert just in case a superhuman brawl breaks out on the National Mall!


Yeah, I still remember when the Hulk's rampage interrupted my class tour of the Capitol building.

Oh, no, wait. That was Tip O'Neill. Never mind.

Have a great trip, Mark! As a history nut, I love D.C. Anything in particular you're looking forward to seeing? And if you sit in the Captain Kirk chair at the Smithsonian, will you post a picture? (:

Mark Engblom

There's a ton of stuff I'm looking forward to seeing....such as the Capital building, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. Now....time to hit the hay in Washington D.C.!

Morgan Edge

The Hulk and Warlock books took place on Counter Earth, so the crime rate here isn't as bad as you thought.


Don't forget Hawk and Dove. The whole series took place in Washington. Odd for a DC universe title to take place in a city but it did.

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