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October 24, 2008




Absolutely, 100% agree.

And what was the deal with turning Mr. Mind into a horrific monster?

Mark Engblom

"And what was the deal with turning Mr. Mind into a horrific monster?"

Or, worse yet, making him somehow responsible for re-creating the Multiverse back in 52. Just another example of DC's utterly clueless handling of the Marvel Family and their rogue's gallery. Not a single. Solitary. Clue.


Heh. The other month I was in my LCS, with a copy of "Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam" in my hand, and some of the guys were talking about Mary going over to the "Dark Side"; Flipping through my comic, I offered that she looks fine to ME. They all started saying that they meant "In-continuity"..., I displayed the cover and said "Fellas, THIS is the correct continuity."

Mark Engblom

Attaboy, Geoff.

However, I noticed in the recent "Final Crisis: Superman Beyond", Superman teams up with several extra-dimensional heavy hitters, one of which is a Captain Marvel from another Earth entirely. DC's hinted at the existence of this alternate Marvel family before, so maybe there's another Mary Marvel out there who's not a child (as in Kunkel's book) or a sleezebag (like in the regular DCU).


I enjoyed this, Mark. I wrote sort of a mini-essay elsewhere how I was so tired of unimaginitive reboots of classic characters as bad-ass killing machines, or vulgar sexpots like your top panel.
Which is why I like Alex Ross, I guess.. he tries to bring some of the innocent wonder of classic characters to life, with a certain expansiveness, optimism, and imagination.

There's some WW2 era cover, of Mary Marvel soaring above the clouds, with a certain innocent joy.. exhilaration, the cover shows.

Just saying, that sort of optimism and FUN that superheroes once represented looks very appealing to me, the older I get. Superheroes are a great American invention, pop ambassadors of our country throughout the world, in their heyday and still.

Mark Engblom

I'm 101% in your corner, Arundel. I couldn't agree more. I love the concept of superheroes as "pop ambassadors". I'd never really thought of them in quite that way before.

I think the urge to take once-innocent characters and drag them through the mud is a symptom of a deeper sickness in our society, a sickness I don't see a cure for in the near future, unfortunately. Happily, there are some alternate takes on Mary Marvel and the like that the more idealistic among us can still support (like the Mike Kunkel Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM series)...but it's still upsetting to know there are some who see it as their "mission" to warp or even eradicate innocence wherever they find it.

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