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September 09, 2008



I don't know about you, but I always follow up a funeral with a trip to Toys R Us. Mourning's for squares!


Great piece! Those banners were appearing on Marvel books just as I was really getting into comics reading and collecting, and several of my favorite comics have them (my own favorite is Iron Man #138, where Tony Stark's shocked expression seems as much because of the banner above him as the Dreadnought in his office). I don't think I mind them as much as you-- while I completely take your point about undercutting the pathos, I find that mixture of sincere emotion and hucksterism to be part of the charm of that era, and honestly preferable to the ultra-serious "posed portrait" covers on many comics today.

Mark Engblom

Hey Brian...as an "added bonus" for Iron-Man #138, do me a favor and check out its letter page...specifically if you recognize any of the letter writers' names.

(heh heh)

As for the banner on the other titles, that didn't bug me much. I just thought in the case of these X-Men covers, it really seemed to clash with the subject matter more than on the other covers across the Marvel line.

Mark Engblom

"I don't know about you, but I always follow up a funeral with a trip to Toys R Us. Mourning's for squares!"



Ha! I forgot you had that letter in #138 (and a fine letter it is, too!). Really, it was sheer coincidence that I mentioned that issue, but a fun coincidence I think. Even if you were wrong about the Hulk. (:

Mark Engblom

Well, as fine a letter as a fourteen year old goofus could write, I suppose. Yeah, in hindsight, the editor made good points about the Hulk's defeat, but at the same time, I still don't quite buy it all these years later. Hulk was "dazed" by a helicopter explosion? ONE punch (albeit a super amped-up one) was enough to knock him on his big green butt? Eh....still kinda creaky.

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