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September 28, 2008



Tough one. I'll probably lean towards Wal-Mart, myself (the fact that I have a gift card in NO way colors my judgement). However, if I had a Costco near me, I'd probably hit them up because those bobble heads are awesome.


Ivan Wolfe

For men, It's gotta be Targe or Wal-Mart. I don't care for things like bobble heads or lithographs. I'm a sucker for extra footage or additional comics, though.

The digital comic sounds cool. What type of bonus footage does the Target one have? If it's something like the ComicCon panel or whatever, I'll likely get the Wal-Mart, but if it has some more deleted scenes or behind the scenes stuff, then I would go for the Target one.

Mark Engblom

Well, hopefully the extra footage is something worthwhile. I'd hate for it to be the ComicCon panel. Probably just something they nabbed from the cutting room floor that the director really wanted to get back in there. Considering how expensive CGI effects scenes are, my guess is that the extra footage will probably be a 100% live action scene, probably something with Downey as Stark (which is fine with me).

Yeah, I'm not a big action figure/gewgaws kind of collector, so that one didn't have much appeal to me...especially with the added cost.


When does Amazon start doing exclusives like this? I usually just do the "One-Click Pre-Order" thing when I see some new must-have DVD, so I can just forget about it until the package shows up.

But every once in a while, there's something really cool that shows up in some brick-and-mortar exclusive....

Target looks best to me. Key question: Would you spend 17 bucks for 3 Iron Man bobbleheads *separately*? Or 17 bucks for a mini bust and a 50 dollar discount off stuff that's already way expensive?

If the prices were closer, I might want that stuff, but not for 17 bucks.

Hmm, actually, I might be conflicted between the Walmart and Target versions. I wasn't looking closely enough to see that the Walmart comic book is an exclusive.


I ordered the Amazon disc, too. But of the choices you offer, I think it has to be Costco-- I'm not big on figures, either, but an Iron Man bobblehead?? That's just too good. Especially since "bobblehead" is one of the nicer things characters in the Marvel 'verse have called IM lately. (:

Also, thanks for the Rocketeer reference in the earlier post-- that's a great comic, and I think it's also a very underrated movie.


I'll be snagging the Target version. I like additional footage and the helmet package is just too neat.


I say Walmart. I like the extra story in the form of a comic. Hopefully they'll do the same with the Incredible Hulk DVD. As well as the Thor and Cap films, so by the time Avengers comes out we'll have a cool little comic series showing Nick Fury behind the scenes of all the major characters leading up to the Avengers.

ShadowWing Tronix

I'll be going with the Wal-Mart one. I figure the bonus footage will end up on You Tube or something sooner or later, and I'm a sucker for exclusive comics. (Part of the reason I collect pack-in Minicomics.)

Ralph C.

Mark, I have chosen #5 for you because I, as well, will be purchasing that one due to the extra footage. As one of your loyal visitors to this site, my opinion should have some meaning to you.

Be like me, Ralph C.! Go to Target for the box that rocks!! :-)

(What would be super-duper cool is if one of them came with a replica, or real, Mego Iron Man!! Remember those???)

Mark Engblom

"What would be super-duper cool is if one of them came with a replica, or real, Mego Iron Man!! Remember those???"

Now that's just wishing for too much! But really...that would be cool. Speaking of Mego replicas, I wonder why they haven't cranked out any of those yet. Or have they?

As for the poll, it looks like the results are confirming my leaning toward the Target exclusive.

Ivan Wolfe

I still haven't made up my mind. Is there anyone who bought this today who can tell me what the Target footage is?


I see in Previews that somebody's doing a "new" Mego-like Star Trek line, including some characters that they didn't do the first time. They seem to be pretty exact replicas, not sure if they're from the official Mego templates or what....

Dan Lietha

Now the question of which format to buy, DVD or Blue-Ray??? I don't have a Blue-ray player yet, but I started purchasing CDs before I had a CD player.
When does the DVD become a waste of time? Buy the DVD now and then you have to re-purchase the Blue-ray later. Hmmmmm.


Well, the point is well-taken, but you don't *have* to re-purchase movies in Blu-Ray later. The Blu-Ray players should play standard-definition DVDs perfectly well.

Huh, they're starting to get cheaper, too....

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