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September 21, 2008


Wes C

Rude was one of the few mainstream artists who helped me make it through the "Image Years".

If you like Rude's artwork, I heartily recommend getting "Steve Rude - Artist in Motion". It's a great book filled with his sketches, penciled pages and paintings.

The book has excellent printing, it really captures the vibrancy of Rude's work.

It's really a visual feast!

Ralph C.

This was a good set of books. I enjoyed the story and the artwork. Rude is an excellent artist, with an uncanny ability to capture the look of older comic art without making it look dated.

He did a series for Marvel starring Captain America, too, years ago that I cannot remember the title to. There's something for someone to try to remember and post here. I'll have to go dig around for this series and read it, as well as the Cap't America one!

Rude the Dude!!!

Pat Curley

There was a brief period of time when Batman did not appear in World's Finest. Around 1970-1971, DC replaced Batman with a rotating crew of guest stars appearing with Superman, effectively making the book a Superman version of the Brave and the Bold. This lasted about 2 years, then they went to a Batman & Superman and guest-star concept for awhile.

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