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September 17, 2008


Mr Element-Dr Alchemy

90% but I doth protest as David Banner was also known as the Hulk { on tv / but still marvel comics hulk } so how about a mulligan or a grading curve

Mark Engblom

No, sorry...I specifically phrased the question to refer to Stan Lee's gaffe, and not the various names the character has had in various media. Great score!

Z Ryan

80%. I got 3 and 4 wrong.

I've never heard of Jeffery Mace and could swear I heard that Falcon went as Cap for an issue or two for some reason at some point. Not that I'd know.

And #4 I just guessed. And I guessed wrong.

Lloyd White

90%, although Sam Wilson most definitely DID wear the Cap costume for an issue or two. My memory is a bit fuzzy on this, but essentially, Cap was injured and asked Sam to wear the costume. The villains were racists/white supremacists and were especially torked to see the costume on a black man. I'll try to get an issue reference for you.

Lloyd White

According to Wikipedia (not that it means that much), "The Falcon later becomes Captain America's regular partner in crime-fighting,[9] and briefly even takes on the "Captain America" costume and identity (when Steve Rogers had apparently been killed)".[10]

The citation listed is Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8-9 (April-May 1999)

Matthew Rees

I need to read more DC comics :-(

Mark Engblom

Whoops! Sorry, guys...looks like I screwed up the Cap question. I should have known anyone associated with Cap probably wore the costume at some point. Heck, I'll bet even Sharon Carter wore it, right?

I've updated that question so new quiz-takers can just get a "freebie" for the question.

I'll do better research next time!


80%. I also got the David/Bob Bruce Banner one wrong. And (and I hate to admit this) the Barry Allen one as well. Still, better than I thought.

George C

90%. I blew the Barry Allen question.


10 for 10!

Wes C

100% - Yeah baby!

Of course I might have missed the Cap question before it was updated (couldn't remember who Jeffery Mace was).

That was fun!

Pat Curley

Only got 6 of 10; I don't know enough about comics after about 1975.

Mark Engblom

Well, not to rub it in Pat, but all of those questions (with the exception of the Cap question) were taken from the pre-1975 "database". ;)


70%-- I missed the Green Lantern question (I just haven't read enough of him, outside of his O'Neil/Adams pairing with Green Arrow), the Son of Satan question (I went with Damien Thorn, thinking Damien Hellstrom was a little over the top, even for Marvel), and thought the "S" in Shazam stood for Samson. Guess if I was a little more Solomonic, I would've known the answer, eh? (:


Mark you're a dirty scumbag for throwing in that Barry Allen question. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Well played, sir. I helped the curve on that one with a mere 60%.

Mark Engblom

"Mark you're a dirty scumbag for throwing in that Barry Allen question. You should be ashamed of yourself."

LOL! Yeah, that was one of the tougher ones...though I *did* essentially eliminate one choice with the Barry Manilow/Woody Allen answer, don't you think?

Ralph C.

I got the "Son of Satan" and "Galactus" questions wrong, meaning I scored 80%. Never read "Son of Satan" and I just didn't know that about Galactus, though my first thought was to pick "Galan".

I actually knew more than I thought. Thanks for the certificate, Mark. I think I'll print it out and hang it on my wall. Or... wait! Maybe all of us who passed can be invited to a ceremony and you can hand us our certificates! Yeah, and we can have punch and donuts and watch episodes of the 1966 Batman television show.... aw the heck with it-- all of us here can get together and watch the Batman shows.

Holy Education, Mark!! :-)

ShadowWing Tronix

9 out of 10, mostly due to lucky choices on 7,4, and 9. (And the freebie, of course, which I would have at least known it wasn't Bucky, the current Cap.)

For Galactus, I just took the name I didn't know. :) Messed up the Hulk question, but the only early Hulk comic I remember was the first one, and the only other old Hulk comics I read was from a compilation I read in the library back in the 80's which might have been published older than that. I remember a bunch of hardcovers Marvel put out that included Spidey and the FF.


80%. The DC questions always get me. (But I knew about the "Bob" Banner gaffe!) ;-)

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