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September 02, 2008


JotaceDT (JKL)

BWHAHAHAHA!!! Ten out of ten! I'm a geek! :D

Silver-Chef/Dr Alchemy

Darn 80% , its no excuse but i'm still a wee bit hung over from the weekend (labor day and my birthday {45th}- I can use some vita-rays myself...sheese). I was the Human Bomb.


80 percent. But goldarn it, if I can get super-powers just by inhaling hard water vapors, then I'd already be running circles around the planet!

ShadowWing Tronix

I missed the Inhumans, Johnny Quick, and the Metal Men. Actually, I thought I'd gotten the Metal Men right, and would have missed Captain America and the Human Bomb.

Paul McCall

90% I missed the Johnny Quick formula!

Z Ryan

70%. I missed the Johnny Quick one (5), the Metal Men one (7), and the Human Bomb one (10). And rightfully so. I didn't get any of the others right on guesses.


100%. I am such a dork. If my combined knowledge of comics and Star Trek were replaced by something like engineering, we would have had water-powered cars by now.

John Nowak

60%. I have no right to speak in this community.

George C

100%. Kewl. Julius Schwartz would have been proud.


Sad to say, I got the first 9 questions without even a second thought. Had to make an educated guess on #10, but it was correct for 100%.


Missed the Human Bomb question (#10), but I think I should get at least half credit for being the first to mention that the Bomb's real name was actually Roy Lincoln, not "Ray" as referenced in the quiz.

Great quiz, by the way, Mork! Er, Mark.

Mark Engblom

Whoops! Thanks, Kyle! I've gone back and made the correction, so it now reads "Roy Lincoln". Maybe I was thinking of his Freedom Fighter teammate named "The Ray".

Glad you and others are liking the quiz, Kyle. I plan on doing more in the future (including more pseudo science), so stay tuned!

Pat Curley

I always remember chortling whenever Dr Who would talk about "reversing the polarity", but I always thought it was some goofy convention the Dr Who writers came up with.

But I've traced it back at least as far as Amazing Spiderman #2, the first Vulture story, which predates the first Dr Who episode. Of course, Stan called it "an anti-magnetic inverter" back then.


90%. Bombed on the Human Bomb question. Great fun!


10 out of 10, I thought the Captain America and Human Bomb qeustions would be my downfall, I take it I need to get out more.


8 out of 10. Was a 50/50 shot on Johnny Quick and a total (wrong) guess on the Metal Man question. Great blog, btw. Have had it bookmarked for over a year...


A- for me! I had no idea on the Human Bomb question but the rest I answered correctly without guessing. Woohoo. After all, I'll never forget the little-known effect hard water can have on the human body after reading Jay Garrick's origin.

Thank you for the quiz. It was a lot of fun.


80% for me.I'm a bit proud of that. Didn't know the hawkman substance (hello hello!) and the human bomb question, but I answered the rest without even a second thought. Which would be totally cool in this community but totally useless outside. Thanks!


90%! I just missed that Johnny Quick formula - which only annoys me because I picked the right answer, then second guessed myself.

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