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September 30, 2008


Ivan Wolfe

Well, unlike Batman, at least Bozo shows some sympathy. (Batman = "a fitting end for his kind"; Bozo = "Poor fellow!")

Mark Engblom

True, yet how sympathetic does it come across with that goofy perma-smile on his helmet's "face"? It gives this sort of vibe to the comment: "Poor fellow. Heh."

John Nowak

Wow -- pretty amazing stuff. A pre-Heinlein battlesuit...

Mark Engblom

Yeah, despite the name, Bozo is quite the trailblazer. Other sources I was looking at claimed that Bozo was the first robot to appear on a comic book cover. That sounds like a stretch....but it's an intriguing claim nonetheless.

Pat Curley

I believe the claim that Bozo was the first robot to appear on a cover is correct; he was featured on the cover of Smash #1, August 1939, billed as "Hugh Hazzard and his Iron Man". That's the 494th earliest comic listed in the GCD.

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Pat! As usual, your insights are appreciated!

John Nowak

Well, the disk and the flight position actually make a fair amount of sense. You need to have a fair amount of power before you fly fast enough that you generate enough lift with your body to make horizontal flight work, unless you have wings or weird antigravity powers. It looks way too much like a propellor beanie to take seriously, though.

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