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August 03, 2008



Yikes. I'm as about as big a Cap fan as they come, and even I had long since stopped reading his book by this period.

The cover blurbs are an additional problem. On the Blistik cover, on second glance, it seems like the blurbs might be describing a "joke" villain of some sort, or maybe a Deadpool type. More "crazy/wacky adversary" than true threat. If that was the intent, the cover art certainly displays none of that.

And on the second cover... "Sneak Attack by the Sidewinder?" Looks more like the Sidewinder is sneakily sneaking off with a bag of cash, while his minions are, despite the grimace, posing what looks like a minor nuisance to Cap at best. I suppose it might have been a sneak attack, but when you're lifting one of your assailants over your head one-handed, I doubt you have much to worry about....

Ralph C.

I didn't like Rob Liefeld's work, at all. Never did, never will. He was popular once so ... oh well, we all like what we like.

That Cap cover of his is one of the Worst Things I have ever seen. How could they let that get published in any form? That goes far beyond exaggeration, maybe into the realm of exasperation or.... that art is definitely Brand Eech!

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