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August 24, 2008


Brian Disco Snell

Congrats, bro.

Wes C

Congrats on the anniversaries!

The CC two year mark is impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the 20th Anniversary of your marriage!

I've heard it said and I certainly believe that a successful marriage is one of the ultimate status symbols. I've only been married a fraction of the time you have but I can certainly appreciate the amount of hard work, dedication and love that it takes to make a marriage work!
Marriage,Kids, a job AND a comics blog? Where do you find the time?

Ok, hope that wasn't to sappy, I'll get back to obsessing over Kirby's inkers now...

Here's looking to many more happy anniversaries, both in comics and that thing some people call "real life"!


TWO cool! Congrats on both anniversaries, Mark!

Mark Engblom

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the kind words.

"Marriage,Kids, a job AND a comics blog? Where do you find the time?"

Honestly? I have no idea. Frankly, there are days when it's tough to get somthing together for the blog, but at the same time, it's a great exercise in improvisational thinking...and that's always a good thing.

Plus, it helps to have a variety of features on my blog that accommodate different lengths of available time. Some features can be put together relatively quickly, while others take a bit (or quite a bit) more time to plan and put together...all of which can be utilized as my time demands change. I've found it's important not to paint myself into a corner by offering the same type of thing on a consistent basis. In other words, if all I offer are long-winded long form posts, then that's what I'm pretty much forced to uphold...or if all I am is Shekky the Joke Boy, it becomes a drag having to be funny all the time. That's one reason why I've been able to keep this thing going for two years: just trying alot of stuff that I find interesting and fun which (hopefully) you will too.

Pat Curley

TWO thumbs up; way up!

Thanks for all the entertaining posts, Mark.

Dr. Retro


Your blog certainly is interesting and fun. Congratulations on the second anniversary and there will hopefully be many more to come.

And more importantly, congratulations on the marriage. It takes a special woman to spend two decades with a comic book geek. Just ask my wife. Our twentieth will be next July.

Joe Lewallen

Happy Anniversary and looking forward to many more. I check this blog just about every day. Always fun.


Congrats on both, and looking forward to many more!

Ralph C.

I'd rather read your blather than the smatter of blather that gathers in other places on the 'net, which can get me in a lather!

Congrats on the anniversaries, Mark. You keep writin' them-- and we'll keep readin' them....



Z Ryan



A bit late to the party, but I'd like to congratulate you too! I thought for sure Comic Coverage was older.

That's a compliment!

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