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August 21, 2008



For some reason, the Captain America's Weird Tales just make my brains scream out of my head. It's like looking at a 5 sided square.


Huh, I'd never really thought about the impact of the '70s horror revival on superhero comics, but there's a lot there....

One thing I've been curious about is to what extent Captain America, the character, appeared in "Captain America's Weird Tales." Or to put it differently, was Captain America ever a "horror host," introducing the stories?

Mark Engblom

Good question, suedenim. I don't know either, having only come across the covers. As strange as it would be to see Cap hosting a horror story (ala the Crypt Keeper), my guess is that he wasn't used for that role. As for the final issue, since he didn't even appear on the cover, it's probably not a stretch to guess he didn't appear on the inside, either. If anyone knows, I'd love to find out more.

Mark Engblom

"Huh, I'd never really thought about the impact of the '70s horror revival on superhero comics, but there's a lot there...."

Marvel Comics also jumped onto the horror bandwagon, but in their case, they seemed to build an entire line of comics starring supernatural characters, such as Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Frankenstein, and others. Sure, a few of their superhero comics featured obvious horror-oriented characters (such as Spider-Man villain Morbius), but for the most part, they didn't intermix superheroes and horror elements to the extent DC did.

Ralph C.

Hey, the comics had to adapt to survive, much like the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith did (the Rolling Stones had a DISCO song for cryin' out loud!!).

Genres come around one corner and leave around another corner, then they peek around the corner later on, see that it's safe and come around it again, etcetera, etcetera. Wasn't there a little ripple of Western titles again a year or so ago (that Jonah Hex title is going well, I hear. I've read a few issues of it and it is excellent)?

This time period continues to be one where anyone can pretty much find whatever genre they want. (Well, it seems that way, to me.) That is a real groovy thing, and I can dig it.


Regarding the Captain America's Weird Tales book...

I believe Steranko said in his History of Comics vol. 1 that Cap appeared only in the first story of the first issue of the book. And he fought Red Skull in hell. Yeah, in hell. The rest of the issue was standard horror comics. In the second issue, Cap was there in the book's title only.

As to less savory covers from formerly wholesome superheroes in the early '50s, here's a pretty creepy example:


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