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September 01, 2008


Angeli Wahsltedt

Hiya...just wanted to let you know that the URL for "The Treasure Keeper" is messed up. It should be http://www.dialbforblog.com/

Thanks, a lurking fan

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Angeli! I fixed the link, so it should work now.

What would I do without my alert readers?


I've always kept an eye on the credits, and Gaspar and John Costanza were always my 2 favorite letterers. I remember for a while in the late 70s, Gaspar would letter the first page in Marvel comics, except for those stories done by Costanza and Joe Rosen. I'll have to peek over at Robbie's site to check this out. Thanks for the heads up.

Mark Engblom

As a kid, the only letterer's name I can recall seeing on a regular basis was Artie Simek....but you'd think a distinctive name like "Gaspar Saladino" would have made more of an impression on me. It wasn't until much later that I became aware of Saladino and his craftsmanship...and I'm glad he's finally getting some attention throughout the comics blogosphere today (several comic blogs have agreed to pitch in and link to Robbie's series on Saladino).


As a graphic designer with a love for comics I can't stress enough how much I appreciate this post, Mark. I know your site focuses on older books but lately I've also been admiring some comic book logo designs by Tom Muller in case anyone wants to google his work.

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