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August 25, 2008



Yes, but the production budget for Superman is almost TWICE that of Batman Begins - and that's not counting marketing costs. At a certain point word of mouth about The Dark Knight did the marketing for them.

I don't want to see a dark Superman - I mean that would be stupid because it wouldn't be Superman, however I think if you calculate the earnings of Superman Returns against the cost and do the same for Batman Begins you'll see what's irking the money men.

Also consider that the production budget for Batman Begins is the same as the production budget for The Matrix Reloaded.

I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how come Superman Returns cost so much - it can't be the effects because there are similar effects in The Matrix Revolutions and yet it still cost $150 mil.

Yet another point of comparison is Titanic which went over budget and is listed as costing $200 mil. However, that film grossed $1,842 mil. which more than made up for it.

It's the costs versus the returns, not just the returns.

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