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July 26, 2008



I adore that page from 'Born Again.' I remember reading the story and being surprised the Avengers showed up. Not sure why Tony had to be such a jerk to Matt though.

Mark EngblomM

Yeah, since Daredevil seemed to be walled off from the rest of the Marvel U much of the time, it was a surprise to see the Avengers show up. I don't mind Iron-Man's behavior here. Daredevil (at least during this time period) was somewhat of a lone wolf with all kinds of crazy associated with him, so it makes sense that Iron-Man would be a little wary of him...especially following so much death and destruction in Hell's Kitchen. As you'd see with "real world" security forces, you really can't be too cautious bringing something big and crazy under control.

John Nowak

I'm really not sure what Iron Man was supposed to do here to stay on the side of the angels -- let Daredevil beat a confession out of Nuke?

It's a nice bit of writing, actually; two decent people with their own agendas butting heads. I've got sympathy for both of them.


I remember a moment a page or two after this spectacular DD page Mark posted, when Daredevil asks Cap why he's so interested in Nuke. "Because he wears the flag," Cap responds, to which Daredevil says, "I didn't notice."

Well, of course he didn't -- he's blind. But Cap takes it as a sign of the younger generation not understanding the significance of symbols-- not angry so much as sad. It's a wonderfully rich and ironic moment, especially as it's essentially a tossed-off bit-- I think it reflects John's comment above about "two decent people with their own agendas." Neither Cap nor DD is "wrong" here, just working according to different systems of communication and understanding. I think it suggests just how on-point Miller's writing here really is-- I think the whole "Born Again" arc is the best thing he ever did.

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