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July 28, 2008



Very cool, Mark. Thanks for sharing! (The geeky fanboy in me is more than a bit jealous that you got to go see this exhibit!)

Mark Engblom

Nah. No need to be jealous. Like I said, it was kinda overpriced for what we got to see...but fun to see it nonetheless.

I was surprised at just how long this exhibit has been traveling around. Since 2005, I guess. I hadn't heard a peep about it before it hit St. Paul (not that I'm that up on what's going on with Star Wars since Episode III wrapped it up a few years back).

King Zilch

I caught this exhibit in Portland and it was awesome!

If you go again, take a look INSIDE the front "window" of the rebel blockade runner. You may need a light; the one on my cellphone did just fine. Inside is the tiny Playboy centerfold the model-makers put in there as an inside joke. I spotted this at the museum in Portland and ended up drawing a small crowd, telling them about inside jokes from the movies.

Z Ryan

I was meaning to go to this when it first showed up, but it had completely slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder, Mark.

John Nowak

It's a lot of fun looking at props; but I don't remember much science in this exhibition. I thought the one based on Marvel comics did a better job.

Still, neat stuff.

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