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July 02, 2008



I picked up Shazam today and will read it with my 5-year-old daughter. Captain Marvel is a perfect fit for the Johnny DC line, and I can't wait to see his treatment in this title.

I've also been picking up DC's new Super Friends title and my daughter has loved it. It's good to find a superhero comic that actually is aimed at young children (kids comics, remember them?).

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I just picked up mine over lunch, and am anxious to read it when I get home. I should note that the comic book is a bit cheaper than standard comics at a mere $2.25 (instead of $2.99), and printed on a cheaper stock (closer to the old comics of our youths). Obviously, this was done to cut corners and keep the Johnny DC titles a tad more affordable....but I also like how it gives it a retro feel (not that kids would ever pick up on that).

ShadowWing Tronix

I may give Shazam a shot, since I'm running out of superhero comics to read. I tried DC Super Friends, but it's too kiddie even for me, and I watched Krypto the Super Dog. Maybe it's just because JLU was so good.


BA Flash isn't my favorite. However I like the mythos that has grown on him.
WW Flash has made some interesting story telling mainly because he was always compared to the Legend of BA Flash.

They better not kill off Wally.

Mark. Engblom

I don't think they'll kill him off. After just killing of Bart Allen last year, DC probably isn't itching to cut down aother Flash...especially after Barry returns. DC's managed to juggle multiple Green Lanterns with little conflict, so multiple Flashes don't seem like an insurmountable problem to me. If Wally is in danger of being marginalized, it started happening in 2006 during Infinite Crisis, long before Barry's recent return...and his pseudo-Incredibles nonsense under Mark Waid certainly didn't help dissipate the aura of irrelevancy that's been haunting him for awhile.

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