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July 09, 2008


ShadowWing Tronix

He would later appear in the Teen Titans cartoon hunting young superheroes for the Brain along with a villianess rip on Plastic Man (don't recall her name).

Pat Curley

SWT, the stretchable villainess was probably Madame Rouge, another member of the Brotherhood of Evil.

The thing that gets me about that cover is the giant-screen TV. All the DC heroes (and many of the villains) had them well before the rest of us.


I love Monsieur Mallah; he was truly a prince among simians. Inexplicably, he's not included in a forthcoming book (October) called "DC Comics Goes Ape!", a collection of DC stories featuring--you guessed it--apes!

Mark Engblom

"...a forthcoming book (October) called "DC Comics Goes Ape!", a collection of DC stories featuring--you guessed it--apes!"

I had no idea! Cool! I'll definitely be checking that out. Thanks for the heads up, Shar!


Didn't Mallah speak with a French accent like the other members of the Brotherhood of Evil (except the Brain)?


And it was later revealed they are gay lovers. Don't forget that!

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