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July 18, 2008



I don't mind that big "G" so much - the letter's so stylized, it (like latter-day interpretations of Superman's symbol) might not even be a "letter" per se.

The no-pants look, on the other hand...

I was actually looking at this page in a half-sized browser window, and only saw this Galactus from the waist up at first. I was thinking "Aha, now here's Galactus finally looking like he should!" Then I scrolled down, and it's like "Or maybe not quite yet...." :)

Ralph C.

Oh good one, Mark!! If Galactus reads this he's munching down our planet for sure!! Thanks for dooming the human race!!

Anyone wanna go fetch the Ultimate Nullifier from Taa II again?? We're going to need it! If we can't get that, you think Galactus would accept a Wii??


ShadowWing Tronix

Please, even Galactuss can't find one of those.

Stan the Man

Nice cosmic comic coverage as always, Mark! For more on the true untold origin of everyone's least favorite intergalactic party crasher, see the following post for proof positive that the Merry Marvel Madmen really didn't know what they were doing:

Behold, The Coming of Galactus



who wears shorts shorts, i wear shorts shorts!!

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