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June 08, 2008


Pat Curley

That first appearance of Gold Kryptonite should probably get an asterisk, as it was in an "Imaginary" Story. I still always think of the Quex-Ul tale from Supes #157 as the first real appearance.

ShadowWing Tronix

Is anybody else using IE on this site? For some reason lately my browser keeps locking up just before the page finishes loading and I have to go to Netscape (please, no anti-IE ranting, thank you) in order to read the page.

Mark. Engblom


Yeah, I thought of making that distinction, but decided that a first appearance is a first appearance, no matter what its "official" status might be within the continuity.

Shadow Wing-

Sorry to hear about the browser issues. Hopefully it'll work itself out, and that it's not a widespread issue with other IE users. Maybe try some other Typepad blogs to see if the same thing happens.

Prof. Vale

::The unwitting, simpleminded fool. Little does he realize that with such knowledge I shall create an army of robotic soldiers and destroy the Kryptonian invader! Bwah-hahaha-haaa!!::

Mark. Engblom

Professor Vale was the creator of the modern take on Metallo.....but I had no idea he knew about Comic Coverage. Welcome, Prof!


Thank you for posting that link to the K-Metal story. After the disappearance of the "superman.ws" site, I figured I was never going to see the rest of it.

Mark Engblom

My pleasure, Diane. It's a fascinating story, and I wish I could've gone into more detail, but the information at the end of the link will supply it. What astounds me is why DC hasn't published the story yet. The historic value alone would ensure brisk sales. Three cheers for the fans that are illustrating it themselves, but I would prefer this story be released through an official channel....though I suppose with DC's legal troubles with the Siegel family these days, publishing lost stories by the guy probably isn't high on their priority list (on advice from their lawyers).

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