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June 19, 2008


Pat Curley

Man, you have to be cheating to remember all this stuff! I'm supposed to be the Silver Age guy and while I remember the stories when you mention them, I didn't remember the alloys.

One correction, and one supplement. The Red-Green K Brainiac story is in Action #275. And to supplement you might mention that living Kryptonite made an appearance well before the Kryptonite Kid, in the Superman Radio serial, The Atom Man (late 1945). This is generally considered the greatest story of the radio show. A young Nazi (played by Mason Adams of "With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good" fame) is injected with Kryptonite by an evil scientist. His powers are similar to the Kryptonite Kid's in their effect on Superman, but he can also make lightning rays come out of his fingers, causing enormous damage to Metropolis.


This series is great! One comment - the Superman-Red/Superman-Blue story was also an "imaginary" story.

Mark. Engblom

See? What would I do without you guys? Thanks for the corrections!

My notes actually *did* have Action #275 listed, but thanks to the magic of copy-paste (picking up the Jimmy Olsen #42 listing from the previous entry), it came out as "Action Comics #42. D'oh!

Thanks for the imaginary story reminder as well, Diane. Again...in the notes, but I overlooked getting it in there.

Both are now corrected!

Oh, and thanks for the info on Atom Man, Pat!


I kinda have to wonder what the *point* of these alloys was, as most of them don't seem to do much beyond what the "normal" (though amazingly versatile) Red K could do. Red-Gold and Red-Green, for instance, don't seem to have any obvious attributes of the Gold or Green K in their effects.

I think my favorite Kryptonite story is one where it doesn't actually appear. It was an issue of Supergirl's last pre-Crisis solo series, guest-starring Ambush Bug, who apparently never heard of Kara before. Seeing Supergirl flying around, he assumes it must be his pal Superman, under the influence of Red Kryptonite.... :)

Mark Engblom

LOL! Thanks for reminding me about the Ambush Bug story. There's a new Ambush Bug project coming out from DC, and I'm really looking forward to it.

As for what the point of the Kryptonite alloys was, I think it all boils down to editor Mort Weisinger trying to keep the reader's interest. It's likely one of them wrote a letter wondering what would happen if various Kryptonites combined, and Weisinger realized there was some ground to explore there. However, you make a good point...since the effect of "Red-Gold" Kryptonite could just as easily have come from Red-K. Maybe the added presense of Gold-K made it seem that much more dangerous and rare.

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