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June 30, 2008


Robby Reed

Excellent series, in every aspect! Dare I say... super!

Ralph C.

Mark, wonderful job with Superman Month, I commend the effort and the fun you gave all of us readers. I found all of the posts fun and interesting. Thank you for a great Superman Month!

Pat Curley

Great job Mark. Like an idiot, I did my Superman's 70th anniversary posts in May (forgot to check Action #1's cover date).


Mark. Engblom

My pleasure, guys. I'm happy you enjoyed it.


Another example of the quality of posts that sets this blog apart from so many other comics blogs. A fun labor of love. Thanks for the reading material!


Great month of Superman, Mark. Thanks!

(Oh, and congrats on 26 years of wedded bliss -- that's one feat that even the vaunted Kryptonian can't claim!)

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Kyle...though a bit of clarification: While I first started dating my "Lois Lane" 26 years ago, we didn't actually get married until 1988. So later this summer we'll be celebrating our big 20th anniversary (I promise...no month long celebration of that on the blog).

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