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June 11, 2008


Brian Disco Snell

You know, that Daily Planet panel has me wondering...the reason (or at least one of the reasons) Silver Age Superman gave for having a secret identity was that he had to protect Clark Kent's friends...if everyone knew he was Superman, they would be in jeopardy.

But as that panel showed, everybody already knew that perry, Lois and Jimmy were Superman's frineds!! They had amusement park exhibits dedicated to that fact!! So the set of Clark's loved ones intersected 100% with the set of Superman's...crooks already knew Kal-El was their buddy, so their lives should have already been in danger!!

So who, exactly, was Superman protecting with this secret identity business??

Mark Engblom

Well, I think a story like this might have brought out that connection more than what the public "normally" perceived in the Superman comics of the time (and I use "normal" advisedly when it comes to the Silver Age Superman). Like I said, this thing comes off more as a sales pitch than something that comfortably fits within the comic book continuity...but you're right, it's still pretty weird seeing Superman's personal life as a theme park attraction.

Especially since he's got the Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane statues at his Fortress of Solitude wired to INSTANTLY EXPLODE if someone happened upon them!

Pat Curley

Some of these stories remind me of the Little Dot series. How many gags can you come up with based on a very simple theme?

It's part of what I'd call the celebrification of Superman (and Batman, who had these kinds of stories in spades).


I suspect Superman regrets having ever slipped and brought up Krypton to the people of earth, because now they won't shut up about it. Bad enough to be (one of) the only survivors, but to constantly have it rubbed in your face? Great.

Mark Engblom

"Bad enough to be (one of) the only survivors, but to constantly have it rubbed in your face? Great."

Well, I might feel more sorry for Superman if he didn't already have an endlessly looping 3D explosion of Krypton in his own Fortress of Solitude. It seems the guy just can't get enough.

Pat Curley

I just happened to be rereading Superman #167 (first Luthor and Brainiac teamup) for an upcoming post. Superman had lost track of Luthor and asked his buddies in Kandor if they had tracked him with their monitors. They explain that no, it "happened on our annual Krypton Day, when the monitors were not fully staffed because of the celebration!"

Celebration? And here I thought Krypton Day was a day of mourning!

ShadowWing Tronix

Maybe they're celebrating not being dead. Although it means being the size of an action figure.

John Nowak

"Celebrating" is actually an ambiguous term. I've heard of "celebrating Mass" or "celebrating funerals." It's just that most holidays are, er, fun.

I just read a Jimmy Olsen where he gets some souvenirs from space, mounts them on boards, and inscribes little descriptions on brass labels.

I will bet lunch that the Silver Age Superman really, deep in his heart, wanted to be a museum curator. And heck, why not? I remember growing up in the 1970s in a small town and the coolest recurring thing ever was going down to New York to see the Museum of Natural History. I'll bet Clark felt the same way in Smallville.

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