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July 01, 2008


Wes C

My wife and I saw the Hulk a couple of days ago. I was also pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out to be. It felt like a Hulk story.

I really liked how they tied several parts of the Marvel Universe together. It was exciting to see the pieces of the M.U. falling into place in such a casual manner.

I didn't think the Ang Lee movie was bad, just too long and boring for a Hulk movie.

And yes the Hulk looked fantastic! Very Sal Buscema-ish.

BTW: Congrats on the Superman month. I didn't comment on any of the entries, but they were all very enjoyable post. Your affection for Superman is contagious.

I really like the look you designed for the Kryptonite posts.

I can't wait to see how you celebrate the Fantastic Four's 50th anniversary in 2011 ;)

John Nowak

I don't think the Hulk looked quite right in bright light -- I still don't think they can do a truly convincing human face in CGI -- but overall, I enjoyed the film, but I probably won't watch it again. I agree with you about Liv Tyler, and it's a shame the script put more emphasis on the love story than the "Blonski cracks up" subplot, which was a lot more interesting.

I ended up seeing "Iron Man" three times, mostly because I got a call offering me a job, and it seemed prudent to leave the theater instead of saying, "I'm sorry, but can you call me again after Iron Man liberates this village?"

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