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June 10, 2008


Robby Reed

The slippers -- which are actually supposed to be gladiator sandals -- are also visible on Supe's legs on the cover of Action #1.

Mark Engblom

The weird thing about the boots is that in some panels, they clearly have laces/straps....yet in others, the boots have sort of a gladiator-looking piece with slits in it. Clearly Joe Shuster wasn't clear on what he wanted to do here, up until he stuck with the red boots.


It is strange to think that some of the things we got used to so much that we don't think about anymore are mere chance - a certain passing mood of some artist and we years later are stuck with something that was really creates by chance


I wonder how those leggings would look if they were red? Might not be a terrible look, though one that probably works better with bare legs than tights.

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