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June 21, 2008


Johnny Bacardi

Guy Lillian was one of the more celebrated letterhacks back in the day, post-Bails and Roy Thomas- he was always getting letters printed in tons of comics in the late 60's-70s, if memory serves...

Pat Curley

Yep, and almost every time he wrote in, the editor talked about he was their "Favorite Guy".

Mark Engblom

I thought that name rang a bell. Thanks for the info!

Scott Edelman

When I was in the audience for the auction held at Phil Seuling's 1970 Comic Art Convention, a pristine copy of Action #1 failed to get an opening minimum bid of $325.

aint i so smart

damn, imagine i went back in time and loaned you 325 bucks, and told you see me in the future, well split the profits....i would then proceed to bet someone a million dollars i would never see you again and make even more money :)

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