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June 26, 2008



Superman as monarch/dictator/grand poobah seems to be a favorite "what if" game to play with the Man of Steel. He's easily the most powerful being on Earth yet he decides to use his powers to do good—essentially a paradox of the axiom you quoted at the beginning of the entry.


Another example is the current "Tangent" Superman series, "Superman's Reign."

Seems to be not unlike that original "Reign of the Superman" story, with a psionically-powered Superman becoming corrupted by his powers and taking over the world.


I just got a look at the pictures you posted (work policy blocks Photobucket). The cover to World's Finest #247 is downright terrifying with all that Nazi saluting going on.

ShadowWing Tronix

Hey, IE seems to be working again. Good thing, since going to the homepage through my old Netscape 7 kept making the audio files from the radio show article play on their own and over each other.

Back on topic: The last animated Superman had an episode where Lois ends up in a parallel dimension where her counterpart was killed. There, Superman teams with Luthor and turns Metropolis into a police state..or rather city.
There was also a Justice League episode where an alternate universe League takes over the Earth when the Flash of their dimension is killed by Luthor. Supes liquidates him and give the Joker a lobodomy with his heat vision. Then they learn about "our" universe and clash with "our" JL. So ruling Supermen made their way into the toons as well.

I hope they release the Tanget series as a collected GN or something. I enjoyed most of the Tanget stories before, and only found out about this too late to get into it.


"Kor-El". Didn't he make cheap dinnerware?


Sensibly, DC is indeed rereleasing the Tangent series - looks like 3 volumes of TPBs, two of which should be on shelves now going by Amazon.

ShadowWing Tronix

I already have the individual ones I want (Flash is a hoot, Joker keeps things interesting even if the second one didn't seem to remember the first, and I missed seeing the Atom back in action in round 2.) It's the Superman's Reign I'm hoping for, if only to see the Tangent Secret 6 back in action.

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