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June 03, 2008



The photo of the newsstand with Action Comics #1 for sale is apparently doctored, according to this blog post:


Mark Engblom

Yeah, I was made aware it was a doctored photo as I was creating the post. I wrote Robby at Dial B for Blog asking permission to use the photo. He said that he had Photoshopped it...and since it was such a great visual of what a 1938 newsstand might have look like with Action #1 on sale, I didn't think it was a big deal running with it. I mean, it's not like there was a copy of, say, Thundercats #1 sitting on the stands.

Still, if the doctored photo offended, I apologize.


Oh, no, no offense, it's just one of those photoshops that, after escaping "to the wild," appears to be widely viewed as authentic.


I don't think it was used for a cover, but I really liked Alex Ross's version.


Mark Engblom

Yeah, that's a fantastic version of that scene, MMFK. I was torn whether or not to include it...and I probably should have.

I like how Ross changed it to a night time setting...and how the light of the car's headlights make Superman look even more intimidating and mysterious. The wide open, blank spaces of the original cover allow the eye to wander...but Ross's reinterpretation keep the attention squarely on Superman.


Here's another one -- the hologram cover of Prime #1.



And there's F.F. #291.
Possibly a Simpson's comic too?.
Action #33 is also quite close, don't you think?

Mark. Engblom

Aaaarrgghh! How could I overlook F.F. #291? Thanks for the reminder, Paul. I'll post it right away.

(It's in my COLLECTION! How could I forget it? Grrrr!)

You're right...Action #33 IS really close!


Cool! I had most of these listed when I did a similar topic for the DC Archives Message board at the Masterworks site. Unfortunately, that topic was lost in the great hacker attack a couple of years ago.

There's also a newer one: Fallen Angel (2nd series) #15 (March? 2007): http://www.comics.org/graphics/covers/15120/400/15120_4_015.jpg

And given the Legion of Super-Heroes 50th anniversary, here's a similar look at the homages to Adventure Comics #247:

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Allen! Now THAT'S one I never would have seen (since I don't follow Fallen Angel). I'll post it as an update later on tonight when I get home. You guys are great...keep 'em coming!


Fallen Angel #14 and 15 apparently contain Peter David's response to DC retconning his Linda Lee Danvers Supergirl out of continuity. I picked up #14 recently, but haven't read it yet (I don't have 15). Before that, I only read the first DC issue.

Don Rosa also sells prints of the Disney Ducks that are homages of various covers, including Action #1. But I don't have an image of that.

Mark Engblom

Man...Allen comes through again! The Rosa homage is HILARIOUS. I can't wait to post it tonight, as well. Thanks again, Allen!


Here's a link to the original art for that Prime cover: http://bp3.blogger.com/_kvv3fcoXqVE/SFrF4khFq-I/AAAAAAAACk8/XI4AHse0Auc/s1600-h/cover_lowrescopy.jpg
That cover is actually a clay sculpture that was modeled based on this original art, as described here: http://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com/2008/06/original-art-stories-breyfogles-prime_20.html


Other: http://thisisnthappiness.com/post/241651567/covered-tom-addison-covers-action-comics-1

Billy Tackett

From the Shameless Self Promotion files: How about a zombie version?


Great article!

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