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June 12, 2008



This year's Superman Celebration in Metropolis starts today, actually. My folks live near there and I hoped to go, but it's not in the cards this year.

Had no idea plans for the theme park were ever that far along.

Mark Engblom

Oh, no WAY, Rich! I honestly did not realize the Superman Celebration kicked off today....spooky! I'm being controlled by the spirit of Superman!

I'll add that little fact as an update. Whew. Weird.


Wow, yet another great Superman fact/story that I knew nothing about. Your "Superman@70" posts are revealing my ignorance-of-steel, I'm afraid. Keep it coming!

I have to admit that while I'm not sure how they'd pull some of that park off, it sure looks cool! I'd have paid to go (or at the very least nagged my mom nonstop for quite a few years for us to take a family vacation to Illinois). Also can't believe I'd never heard of the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. I wonder if I'll have any better luck on the wife than I would have on my mom 30 years ago...

"Honey, I've just had a GREAT idea for next year's summer vacation!"

Mark Engblom

Having looked through the list of events at the Superman Celebration, it's clear it's small town America at its best (or "worst" depending on your point of view). Having been raised in a fairly small town, I can appreciate the low-wattage events and modest presentation and find them endearing. Others may not be so charitable...especially if they're veterans of, say, the San Diego Comic Con. The Superman Celebration definitely isn't the Comic Con, but in many ways, that's a good thing. What it lacks in polish, the Superman Celebration makes up for in heart.

Me? I just want to see Jim Hambrick's collection of Superman memorabilia, which (as I understand) only shows a fraction of the whole collection at any given time (it's rotated each year for veteran Celebration tourists). Again, it's no Smithsonian, but the raw enthusiasm for the character transends the limitations of the environment.

There are a number of other things to do in that part of the country, so I would definitely like to get down there within the next five years (most likely "flying solo").


Did you see the closing event?

5:00 Attempt at Guinness World Record
“Most People dressed as Superman”

I hope there are lots of cameras on hand. That sounds fascinating and hilarious.

I'm missing out on Allison Mack?! D'oh!


Where did those theme park drawings appear? I vaguely remember seeing a big map of a Superman theme park in my youth (maybe in a Superman Treasury Edition?), but I think it might have been a *different* park/layout.
Though the "moving sidewalk to the Fortress entrance" does ring a bell in my youthful memory.

Mark Engblom


The drawings appeared in the treasury-sized Limited Collector's Edition C31 (1974) (click on the link for a cover image and more info). It's a fantastic cover painting, by the way...although Superman's face in that painting has always reminded me of a young Ronald Reagan (which is weird no matter what your political outlook may be).


The link's not working, but I googled the cover OK. Yeah, that's the one I had, and it is a gorgeous cover, especially treasury-sized. That might have been my first Superman comic, actually....


Hi Mark,

I love your blog and came via a recommendation from Siskoid. Superman month has been nothing short of awesome so far.

I know I'm late to the party regarding Metropolis, but I've been there. During August 1995, I traveled via Greyhound bus to Paducah, Kentucky where I took a cab over the bridge to Metropolis, Illinois. It's a very small town, which would probably resemble Smallville if it were located in Kansas.

Hambrick's Superman Museum was quite interesting. How he managed to snag props from Lois & Clark (which was still running at the time), I'll never know. But the sheer amount of memorabilia displayed was positively mind-blowing.

I'd love to go again, but convincing the missus might be a bit of a challenge.

Mark Engblom

Hi, De! Glad to hear you like the blog and that you're enjoying Superman month. It's been fun for me, too.

Thanks for the insights into Metropolis. As I've mentioned, I plan to go there someday, and it's good to know ahead of time that it's a pretty small town. With expectations properly in check, I think it could be a good time...especially Hambrick's museum.

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