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May 14, 2008



I was 8 or 9 in 1973 and I remember these things well. The most memorable to me was the coffee called "Stanka."


I'll be curious to see what you think of the Kirby book-- I really enjoyed it, and if nothing else, it has pages and pages of gorgeous artwork.


Dr. Retro and I must be the same age!

I LOVED these things back in the day. I had the stickers all over my room, and me and my friends would constantly design our own!

Thanks for the memories, Mark!

Mark Engblom


Overall, I like it so far. I'm pleasantly surprised that Evanier is more even-handed than I thought he would be. He's obviously in Kirby's corner, but there's not as much Stan-slamming as I assumed there would be. As for Kirby himself, the book paints a very complex picture of the man I'm still sorting through, so I'll have to wait until my review of the book before I expound on that. But, like you said, the artwork is an absolute FEAST that I'm enjoying immensely (especially the original art).


You know, now that you brought it up, I vaguely remember drawing my own Wacky Packages, too.

John Nowak

Good lord -- I used to put these things all over my room too.


Wow, wotta trip back down memory lane! We used to spend hours laughing over the newest Wacky Package acquisitions, and (as has already been mentioned by others) designing our own. The only original I still remember was, "It's snot butter: it's Sniffon!"

Wacky Packages: designed to gross out even the meanest big sister! I'm putting in my order for the book today!!

Mark Engblom

Yeah, it really is a wonderful book. Fully aware of its "junk culture" roots, it doesn't try to present these things as anything more than what they were: gross-out humor designed to make kids happy...which they succeeded marvelously at. Enjoy your book...and maybe order one for your mean big sister as well!

jim yeomans

Wacky Packs were a vital part of my elementary school days. I can't believe that at the age of 45 I plunked down $20 for this book, and I love it! We traded these in the schoolyard, and I vividly remember buying several packs at once so I could complete each series (remember the "checklist" on back of one card?)I once had a Wacky Packages poster, but I threw it out once I became mature and snobbish about such things. I wonder how much it would be worth now? Ah, the memories of a 70's childhood.

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