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May 27, 2008



I have enjoyed reading through a number of your post this morning. I should be working. I'm hanging on to my stack of Spider-man Comics that I bought in the late 70's for who knows what. I think that I even have one Iron Man in there. Take care.


Mark Engblom

Glad you're enjoying the posts, Rick!

Stan the Man

It appears that Moebius Models is about to reissue this very kit, so you can still "build a friend" for yourself 44 years later! It's probably no longer going for $4.99 though...




Great Mark! That ad has definitely a creepy vibe, but there's also an almost endearing quality to it... like, you can almost feel the love that 12-year-old has for his monster!

One thing i canĀ“t help but wonder every time I look at these ads (since I wasn't around when they were coming out) is, how the heck could you know what you were actually gonna get? If in this day an age, phoptography and even video shots of a product can be misleading, how could a somewhat crude drawing work as a reference for potential buyers? Simpler times, I guess...

P.S. By the way, I checke smiley's moebius models link, and the actual figure looks awesome! I can definitely see where the 12-year-old's love was coming from.

Ralph C

"Awww, Frankie, you're my best friend in the whole wide.... Frankie, what are you doing? No, Frankie, put that down... don't-- don't.... aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Mark -- yet another classic! Made my morning and, thankfully, I managed not to spit out any coffee laughing.

Just three letters describe this ad: WTF?

Ivan Wolfe

Just three letters describe this ad: WTF?

That's right: Where's The Frankenstein?

Show me The Frankenstein, baby!


reminds me of et. when he's dressed up like a girl for halloween. I don't know why.

Pat Curley

Wow, $4.99 was a LOT of money back then; you could have bought 41 comic books for that price! I think that may be why they show the older kid with the monster; he's the only one who could afford that kind of coin.

John Nowak

"One doesn't easily forget, Herr Frankenstein, an arm ripped out by the roots."

Easy one, from Son of Frankenstein.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, but I don't think Big Frankie could even reach my arm to rip it off!

Love the cute buttoned coat, though.

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