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May 11, 2008


Michael Lee

Ah, dear sweet Ma Kent. The embodiment of motherhood everywhere.

One of, if not the, best things about John Byrne's reboot in 1986 was keeping the Kents alive into Superman's adulthood. Having them around seemed to drive home Clark's humanity despite him being the sole survivor of a doomed planet.

Also, looking at the image above makes me realize how much I miss that old Superboy logo. It brings back a lot of happy memories.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, Ma Kent could sure make a heck of a blueberry pie, couldn't she? I have mixed feelings about the Byrne "resurrection" of the Kents. I think back when they both had died by the time Clark reached adulthood, it lent an additional poignancy to the Superman story (the whole "all these powers, and I couldn't save them" thing). While the Superman of that era was never an angsty whiner about it, there was still a sort of "dignified sadness" to the character. While there are certainly some good parts about having the Kents still around, they often just become "set pieces"...in other words, they don't really do anything other than to always be back home in Kansas lending Sage Advice.

But, on this Mother's Day, I won't have any more talk about Ma meeting an untimely death. Let's just savor the smell of that blueberry pie (with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream served with it).

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