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May 09, 2008


Wes C

Ahhhhh this we can agree on; Gil Kane could draw one hell of a figure.

As with you, he's not one of my all time favorites. A little Kane go a long way.
I like him, but I don't hunt down his work like I do with Toth, Rude or Kirby.

He seemed to have a lot of sympathetic inkers at marvel in the 70's. It always looked much better than when he inked himself.

I find his covers to be the perfect dose.
As I said several times before, he really had a knack for laying a cover out and packing it full of energy, all while getting the point of the story across.

The "nose guy" bit is priceless.
He seemed to love that pose a helluva lot.
Kinda like Ditko with those splayed out fingers


I agree; Kane was one of the best figure artists in the business. The evidence speaks for itself- -take a look at the Showcase collections of Green Lantern, Atom and Batgirl. I don't mean this in a salacious way but Kane drew the best butts around!

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