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May 02, 2008


Michael Lee

Ugh. Please tell me the one on the right isn't really what Iron Man's wearing these days!


Ha! I assume I'll see that argument (and those costumes) in line at the movie this weekend. (: Great IM posts, Mark-- a witty look at my favorite hero.

Mark Engblom

"Ugh. Please tell me the one on the right isn't really what Iron Man's wearing these days!"


Well, I exaggerated a bit, but on the average, Iron-Man's modern armor can look a little wacky. Since it changes every couple of months (like most tech these days) the goofier looks don't stick around for long, so I thought I'd create a sort of "composite" of today's excesses as the 2008 version

"Great IM posts, Mark-- a witty look at my favorite hero."

Thanks, Brian....glad you liked the posts. It was kind of short notice, and nowhere near as comprehensive as last May's Spidey Week, but I wanted to so SOMETHING for ol' Shellhead.

Joe Lewallen

Being a West Coaster, I had a chance to see IM last night at 8 PM, however, I had a previous commitment, and I couldn't sell the wife on seeing it at 11 PM. We'll see it tonight. A buddy saw it at 8 and said I would really like it.

Funny Cartoon. Shows how things change in 45 years. I'm a fan of the Bob Layton armour myself.

Mark Engblom

"...and I couldn't sell the wife on seeing it at 11 PM"

11:00 would be a tough sell for ME, and I'm an Iron-Man fan. I'm not sure I could persuade my wife to go to a 7:00 show!

Speaking of which, I did get tickets for tonight's 7:00 show, which my kids and I are going to. It's on the "Ultra-Screen", no less (same dimensions as a standard movie screen, but about 2 to 3 times the size. Can't wait!

Joe Lewallen

We're locked in for 9:30 tonight. We've done the midnight show for Pirates 3, Spidey 3 and 300. It's a little tough to go to work the next day, but you just suck it up and drive on. If it's a midnight show for Indy 4, we're there. My wife tells me she camped out for Star Wars III, which even I won't do. This is before I met her.

Robby Reed

Don't be in any rush to see IRON MAN. It's l-o-o-o-o-n-g, boring, and not very good. There are about 15 minutes worth of good Iron Man scenes, the rest is a boring waste of time! And with TWO brutal torture scenes, it's NOT for kids.

Mark Engblom

Sorry, Robby...I completely disagree with you. I just got back from the movie and loved the heck out of it (as you'll see in my review within the next day or so).

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