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April 09, 2008


Wes C

While I don't think it's a great cover by any stretch of the imagination, I'm not sure it's THAT bad. I agree the setting is confusing and yes she does seem to be having a really, really good time.

I'd say compared to some of the stinkers (the Thor cover and those awful, awful Mike Grell covers) it comes out smelling like a rose.

Amazons wrestling sharks = beauty ;)


The main problem I have with this one is that the setting is confusing. The juxtaposition of shark vs. airplane is (intentionally, I'm sure) weird, but the art sells the "underwater" aspect poorly.

At first glance, it almost seems marginally more likely that WW is tussling with a flying shark that's somehow attacking a plane in the air.

You've got the bubbles (and the shark itself), but just about everything else fails to suggest an underwater scene. The plane's cockpit is watertight? Sure seems that way, and the pilot's reaction is more mild surprise at seeing a shark outside than "OMG, I'm going to drown within seconds unless Wonder Woman beats that shark!"

Brian Disco Snell

But that's what makes it scary--it's a FLYING SHARK!!!! The bubbles are just foam flying of the shark's mouth, because he's a RABID FLYING SHARK!!!!!!!!


Is it an airplane? I thought it was too, at first, then wondered if it was some kind of james bond-like undersea vehicle or something. Of course, the very fact we're having to determine this shows how poorly thought out the cover is. Maybe not as bad as some-- I'd agree with Wes that's it's more "funny" than "bad"-- but certainly not a GOOD cover, in any case.

Of course, maybe the shark is a Skrull! (: (Sorry, couldn't resist).


I dunno. To me, WW looks like she's asleep (not sure what that says about my love life). But, yeah, I agree with everything else.

Pat Curley

The other odd thing is that the canopy is not open, so she's not really protecting Steve Trevor (I assume that's the pilot). Of course, you could argue that only by getting the shark away could Steve eject, but that's a little more abstract than if they had the canopy open.

Mark Engblom

"I dunno. To me, WW looks like she's asleep..."

Yeah, the deep sleep.....of total ecstasy!

Okay. I'll stop now.


Ah, I've seen much worse covers.


Kind of phalic, but isn't WW against that kind of thing?


With this cover and all the others, per usual your assessments are hilarious and spot-on. Unfortunate some didn't *get* the bad=hilariously funny thing.


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